Our consultants who have all held senior positions in their previous employment with 15-20 years all rounded solid HR management experience gained in various industries for local and multinational companies located in Asia Pacific and Greater China, including Finance, Service, Retail, Manufacturing and Trading. Our consultants can speak fluent Putonghua, Cantonese, and English.


We are client focused, only develop and/or implement tailored and practical services to solve your HR issues, and meet your company' s needs. We had provide the following service to different clients from different industrials:-


American based and US brand name Shoe Buying Company

We tailor designed and implemented direct competency based Performance Appraisal System for the entire company, from department head, managers to general staff level.


Hong Kong base listed Fashion Retail Company

To support their implementation of new performance appraisal system, we developed and tailor designed operational handbooks, conducted training for the top management, and produced trainer' s guidebook to facilitate implementation of training in other countries.


US multinational manufacturing company with offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu

We tailor designed and implemented company policies and procedures handbook, one year human resources planning and implement schedule, workshop on relationship between training and company performance, training for HR department and all department heads in recruitment interviewing skills.


Bank based in China

We tailor designed unify training program for their entire organization to reach the business objective, redesign and restructure their offices in Shanghai and Beijing as well as tailor designed team building training program and workshop for their staff in Shanghai and Beijing offices.

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